E5P Launch in Belarus

An official launch event of the E5P fund in Belarus took place in Minsk on 10 July 2018. The event was attended by the Belarusian ministries, municipalities, NGOs, donor representatives from the European Union, Sweden, Germany, Estonia, Lithuania, Poland, USA and IFIs.  Statements and presentations were made by the Deputy Minister of Economy, Dmitry Matusevich, […]

E5P Assembly of Contributors approves the first project in Belarus

Based on a successful pledging event at the E5P Assembly of Contributors on 7 December 2017, the first E5P project for Belarus has been approved. The E5P Contributors have approved a EUR 2 million to improve solid waste management in Puhovichi close to Minsk.  The project to be implemented by EBRD will construct the first […]

Pledging event for E5P Fund in Belarus

At the E5P Assembly of Contributors on 7 December 2017 in London, a number of donors announced their pledges to set up the E5P fund for Belarus.  The European Union informed of their intention to pay EUR 10 million allocated by the Board of the EU Neighbouring Investment Facility.  The EU wished that the pledged […]

Belarus joins E5P

Belarus has officially joined the E5P fund.  A contribution agreement was concluded on 19 June 2017 in London between the Government of the Republic of Belarus and the EBRD as E5P Fund Manager committing Belarus to support the E5P Regional fund for Belarus with EUR 1 million.  The agreement was signed by Mr Dmitry Krutoy, […]

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